SISview 1.0

SisView is an extension to Windows Commander for managing the *sis files
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Dalibor Jelínek

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SisView is an extension to Windows Commander which allows you to browse the contents of SIS installation packages on PC and even extract some files from it.
This product is intended to work with ER5 sis files only. Although there is a partial support for ER6 .sis files it was never completed. The development of SisView was abandoned and there is no ER6 version planned.
This plugin allows you to view and extract the contents of EPOC
installation packages (*.sis).
- displays all the files contained in sis file
- displays some basic information about sis file in folder " Information"
- in folder " Requisities" are all the requisities needed to install
this sis (if any)
- folder "Dialogs" contains all the text dialogs
- folder "Sis components" shows all the shared sis files which will
be installed
- shows the original name of components installed
- shows files which are run during installation and/or removal
- shows files which are created by application later

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